USC Research Connects Music Participation to Positive Youth Development.

Research shows why music is so important for students-now more than ever.

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Unbox to Play!

A new instrument opens up a world of discovery and joy.

Our mission is to equip, educate, and inspire the next generation of players.

Music has the power to change lives. We envision a future in which every young person has access to high quality music education and teachers are supported in providing opportunities for their communities.

We focus on how to keep kids playing, provide the right tools and support to unleash creativity in teaching and mobilize partnerships with a focus on culture.



Ensure instruments, gear and education resources are in the hands of students and teachers.



Provide teachers with the tools and support needed to create and deliver high-quality music education.



Create opportunities to inspire communities to keep playing through workshops, activations and artist engagements.


Ready to Play?

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